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We have several great ways for you to make donations to Stayin’ Alive!

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards logo

Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy by donating to local organizations based on the shopping you do everyday.

Once you link your Kroger Plus Card to Stayin’ Alive, all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your card!

Piggest Raffle Ever

Piggest Raffle Ever logo

The Piggest Raffle Ever was designed to help any and all charities and non-profits that wanted to sell numbered ‘flying pigs’ that would be dropped during Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon weekend. The Raffle has become one of the most popular ways for the marathon’s charity partners to raise funds for their causes!

Donate Online

Make a donation to support Stayin’ Alive! Just click Donate and choose your amount. Debit card, credit card and PayPal accepted.